Technical Specifications

The PSI Wall Panel Systems specifications and associated drawings are based on the molding system chosen. Choose your molding system and download the correct specifications and drawings. The surface(s) required can be chosen inside the Products page of each wall panel systems specification.
ImageTitleCategoriesFile SizeFile TypeLinkhf:doc_categorieshf:file_type
PSI Accoustic Panels Brochure
Acoustical Panels Brochure986 KBpdfbrochurespdf
PSI Marine Batten with HPL Insert
Aluminum Profile 700-125851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Inside Corner with HPL Inserts
Aluminum Profile 700-250851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Outside Corner with HPL Inserts
Aluminum Profile 700-375851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Bottom U Profile
Bottom Jointing Section 20851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Flat bar for omega profile
Bulkhead Jointing Section 310-FL851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Omega steel profile
Bulkhead Jointing Section 310/316851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
Steel Spline S01
Bulkhead Jointing Section S01851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Screw cover strip for 310-316
Bulkhead Jointing Section U10/U20851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
Clicwall 11
Clicwall Panels269 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
PSI Compact Laminate Brochure
Compact Laminate Brochure782 KBpdfbrochurespdf
PSI Marine CJ Inside Corner Hemmed Edge
Corner Jointing Section 501851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine CJ Outside Corner Hemmed Edge
Corner Jointing Section 502851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine CJ U-Section Hemmed Edge
Corner Jointing Section 503851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine CJ Outside and inside corner
Corner Jointing Section 530/545851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Outside and inside corner square
Corner Jointing Section 90-E851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine Outside and inside corner rounded
Corner Jointing Section 90-R851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Education Market Brochure
Education Market Brochure4 MBpdfbrochurespdf
FIPRO® Fire Protection Boards160 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Healthcare Market Brochure
Healthcare Market Brochure2 MBpdfbrochurespdf
PSI Marine Market Brochure
Marine Market Brochure3 MBpdfbrochurespdf
PSI Marine PVC Cover Profile
PVC Cover Profile 1496851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Marine PVC Profile for HPL Inserts
PVC Cover Profile 6476851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
System 103L Corner / 304 Edge Trim
System 103L Corner / 304 Edge Trim40 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 310
System 310 Details714 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 310 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 310 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 310EB
System 310EB Details723 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 310EB Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 310EB Specifications39 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 310EB - 310
System 310EB/310 Details697 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 310EB/310 Details (CAD)887 KBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 310EB/310 Specifications46 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 312
System 312 Details890 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 312 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 312 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 312-310
System 312/310 Details811 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 312/310 Details (CAD)1 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 312/310 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 314
System 314 Details723 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 314 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 314 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 410
System 410 Details780 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 410 Details (CAD)1 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 410 Specifications48 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 412
System 412 Details784 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 412 Details (CAD)1 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 412 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 510
System 510EB Details782 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 603L Corner / 604 Edge Trim
System 603L Corner / 604 Edge Trim67 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 631
System 631 Details816 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 631 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 631 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 631-632
System 631/632 Details833 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 631/632 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 631/632 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 632 4-way
System 632 Details833 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 632 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 632 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
System 632/631
System 632/631 Details45 KBpdfwall-panel-systemspdf
System 632/631 Details (CAD)2 MBdwgwall-panel-systemsdwg
System 632/631 Specifications41 KBdocxwall-panel-systemsdocx
PSI Marine Top-U-profile
Top Jointing Section 50851 KBpdfmarine-panelspdf
PSI Wall Panel Systems Brochure
Wall Panel Systems Brochure10 MBpdfbrochurespdf
PSI Wood Veneer Brochure
Wood Veneer Brochure494 KBpdfbrochurespdf