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PSI has consistently gained recognition for our high-quality, FIPRO® core Marine Bulkhead Panels. Through the highest production standards and attention to detail, we harmoniously blend function and aesthetics into each of our noncombustible panels.
About PSI Marine + Fire Panels
Approved Construction

Noncombustibility is one of the requirements for the use of interior construction panels in shipbuilding. This is tested in accordance with Marine Equipment Directive. FIPRO® is approved by marine safety authorities. Extensive tests of bulkheads, ceilings and floating floor have been performed with FIPRO®. Detailed certificates are available on request.


FIPRO® fire protection panels are based on a natural mineral called Vermiculite. FIPRO® fire protection panels are manufactured by pressing exfoliated vermiculite into inorganic, nonflammable binding agents, a special technology which was developed using modern technical processes. FIPRO® fire protection panels do not need fiber reinforcement, since the panels remain compact due to adhesion of the vermiculite to the bonding agents.

Special Characteristics
  • A variety of sizes are available
  • Flexibility of formats
  • Clean and smooth surfaces
  • Very low variation in the thickness of the panels
  • Perfect edges
  • Easy to work with using basic carpenter tools
  • Simple installation
  • FIPRO® boards are intended for interior applications only
  • Walls, doors, joiner panels, linings, ceilings, floors, furniture and fixtures in living quarters and public spaces


PSI marine wall panels with FIPRO core meet all relevant regulations for fire protection, according to SOLAS, fulling the requirements of noncombustible construction materials following the FTP Code for Interior outfitting and furniture in certain areas.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel

Seeking an industrial look? Galvanized steel is derived by the process of applying a zinc protective coating over steel or iron. The coating is applied to prevent rust corrosion and gives a silver facet impression on the surface. This material is extremely hard and abuse resistant. It will take on paint coating if desired.

Laminate Chips Color Variety

High Pressure Laminate

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) panels are more environmentally friendly products than most people think. Manufactured of multiple layers of kraft paper saturated with resin, a decorative paper layer is then placed on top and fused together under controlled heat elevated pressure to bond together.

Marine Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

Our elegant wood veneers make a statement of warmth and sophistication to offices and conference rooms or about any other interior space that demands stature and elegance. PSI wood veneers are derived from the finest slices of a tree that are of the best quality of the source. We selected from only A-AA architectural grade and FSC certified veneers.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stunning and sleek stainless steel is an excellent choice for a modern finish. Impervious to water it really is an exquisite selection for a ship’s galley or dry storage among other amenities. It’s naturally durable to high impact and corrosion resistant it is often a preferred specification for wet areas in public facilities.

Shell Appomattox

Porcelain Steel Writeable

A Magnetic Porcelain Enamel Over Steel Write-On Panel is a fantastic surface for bringing out creativity in your large conference areas, smaller meeting rooms or personal spaces. Porcelain enamel whiteboard (offered in Pure White only) dry erase panels offer the highest performance of scratch resistance, loss gloss reflection, anti-ghosting, and cleanability.

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