PSI is a trusted partner for high-quality educational facilities from K-12 to postgraduate, allowing for a high degree of comfort, safety, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance while staying cost-efficient.

Performance. Durability. Quality.

Surfaces for Education + Learning

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Design flexibility combined with durability and easy maintenance make PSI’s Healthcare solutions a smart, cost efficient choice for facility designers and building management professionals.

Interior Design Vision

Surfaces for Healthcare

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When protecting crew and passengers is the top priority, our fire-rated marine wall panels offer invaluable peace of mind, offering an essential fire prevention precaution for watercraft. Our large selection of surfaces satisfies even the most discerning naval architects, engineers and designers.
High-Quality Noncombustible Panels

Surfaces for Marine + Fire

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With cost-efficient panels that are hygienic and durable, retail spaces can achieve a modern and inviting look regardless if you have a grocery store, a gas station, or a major retail warehouse.

Grocery + Convenience

Surfaces for Retail

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PSI offers a wide variety of solutions for recreational facilities that are safe and durable as well as lowering the cost of maintenance compared to traditional types of construction.

Sports Centers + Gyms

Surfaces for Sports + Recreation

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By building clean, modern, and inviting environments, the PSI panel solutions offer options for commercial spaces that are appealing and while staying easy to maintain and cost-efficient.

Office + Residential Centers

Surfaces for Commercial Spaces

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PSI’s Phenolic Wall Panels are an ideal choice for environments like public transportation terminals, airports, and waiting areas requiring extra durability, impact resistance, and ease of maintenance.
Abuse-Resistant Panels for High-Traffic

Surfaces for Transportation

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