FIPRO® Core Marine Noncombustible Panel Systems

PSI has consistently gained recognition for our high-quality, FIPRO® core Marine Bulkhead Panels. Through the highest production standards and attention to detail, we harmoniously blend function and aesthetics into each of our non-combustible panels. Our large selection of surfaces satisfies even the most discerning naval architects, engineers and designers. You’ll find high-pressure laminates, custom high-pressure laminates, veneers, galvanized steel, stainless steel and marker boards.

Certified Fire Protection.
Peace of Mind

While protecting crew and passengers is the top priority, our fire-rated marine wall panels offer invaluable peace of mind, offering an essential fire prevention precaution for watercraft. PSI marine wall panels with a FIPRO® core meet all relevant regulations for fire prevention, according to SOLAS, fulfilling the requirements of noncombustible construction materials in accordance with the FTP Code for interior outfitting and furniture in certain areas.

Application Areas

FIPRO® noncombustible fire protection boards are used for A, B and C class
constructions: bulkheads, ceilings, linings, floating floors, doors and furniture for ships and offshore platforms. If certain characteristics are essential for certain applications, it is best to contact us. We are constantly expanding our construction program.

Occupational Health

FIPRO® boards do not contain asbestos or silicate fibers, cement or gypsum components, or other types of mineral fibers. Due to the inorganic binders in the panels, no smoke or toxic fumes are released in case of fire. Adhere to permissible limits for dust generation when processing. Waste originating from the panels can be disposed of as
normal construction waste.

Special Characteristics
  •  A variety of sizes are available
  • Flexibility of formats
  • Clean and smooth surfaces
  • Very low variation in the thickness of the panels
  • Perfect edges
  • Easy to work with using basic carpenter tools
  • Simple installation
  • FIPRO® boards are intended for interior applications only
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