Each of our products was developed with the end result in mind – a satisfied and delighted customer. With that, we proudly stand behind every single product, from our wall panel systems, to furniture, casework and fire rated marine bulkhead panels. Each piece is made by dedicated professionals using the latest technology.

Architects and designers can realize their artistic vision with the limitless options of our interior wall panel systems. They can capture the true ambiance of a space by breathing life and visual interest into the walls without compromising durability and functionality.

Those working offshore can be confident their bulkhead and liner walls will be safe, durable and in compliance with IMO Certifications using our fire rated Marine wall panels.

Health care professionals can enjoy efficient workspaces while providing their patients with a beautiful and comfortable healing environment with our medical casework.

Colleges and universities can be assured their residence life furniture will stand up to the rough and tumble lives of their students for many successive years and provide a home-away-from-home setting in which students can thrive.

Our military furniture for military housing and barracks provides a full-line of functional pieces with durability and comfort in mind.  This furniture was designed to endure the rigors of high-use environments while adding ergonomic design features for added quality and comfort.

But at our core, we offer more than just walls and furniture. Our technical expertise, vigilant attention to detail, relentless problem-solving and communicative process facilitate efficient new construction, renovations and interior upgrades. We are, above all, committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more about how our products and services can become a part of your next project or renovation. We’re sure you’ll love the experience.