Wall Panels & Headwalls Designed for Healthcare

PSI’s Healthcare products include wall panel systems and headwall solutions. Each is designed to fit the evolving and growing demands of the healthcare industry. Design flexibility combined with durability and easy maintenance make PSI’s Healthcare solutions a smart, cost-efficient choice for facility designers and building management professionals.

Strength & Scope

Today’s hospital development projects demand financial strength and the ability to scale solutions – PSI has both. With over 340,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space and more than 150 employees, we have the resources to handle multiple large projects concurrently.

Compliance Matters

The PSI team is experienced with projects requiring industry compliant products and construction methods including environmentally friendly and socially responsible materials or products that contain bacteria resistant materials.

Built to Last

PSI has been manufacturing high-quality walls systems since 1990 for our corporate and education clients. PSI launched its dedicated Healthcare Interiors Division over a decade ago and since then has been involved in development projects for some of the Texas’ most prestigious hospitals.

Custom by Design

Healthcare organizations bring their interior design visions to life utilizing PSI’s range of healthcare solutions including:

  • Wall Panel Systems
  • Patient Headwall and Footwall Solutions
Custom by Design.
The PSI Wall Panel System

An engineered, prefinished, modular wall surfacing product that can be used in many areas in healthcare interiors. Our high-pressure laminate or solid phenolic abuse-resistant wall panels work well in corridors or in patient rooms. Dry erase panels can be used in patient rooms, nurses’ stations, or conference rooms. Custom printed laminate wall panels provide way-finding or become artwork. These panels will all withstand cleaning with typical healthcare cleaning agents. Wood veneer, metal, and resin laminate faced panels may be used in entrance lobbies or executive areas.

The PSI Headwall Solution

Combining the utmost design flexibility with a cost-effective installation method to deliver a good-looking, functional, and easily maintained patient headwall. The project design engineer can choose from any manufacturer of med gas outlets and service boxes and specifies their location in the headwall. PSI uses this information to provide a template to the contractor to precisely locate these outlets and service boxes in the wall framing. The services are then connected and drywall applied. The PSI headwall panels are prefabricated with cutouts from the same template information and are installed with our molding system. The molding is designed to allow panel removal to access the in-wall services. PSI panel finishes include high pressure laminate, high abuse resistant phenolic panels, resin, markerboard and wood veneer surfaces.

Partnerships Founded on Integrity

Flexible design options make it easy to create a design theme that reinforces the organization’s overall creative vision and aesthetic. General Contractors enjoy having a trusted partner who serves as a single point of contact for multiple areas on the jobsite, and pays attention to details to ensure the job is done right and completed on time.

From concept, though manufacturing, to installation, PSI is a true partner on every project. Our experienced engineers, manufacturing team, and project managers are no strangers to the challenges of construction and renovations. We approach every healthcare installation with a clear understanding that our work needs to align with your goal of creating an environment designed to deliver outstanding patient care.

Healthcare leaders trust PSI

For more than a decade, PSI has earned a stellar reputation in the healthcare industry. From smaller regional hospitals to the 900+ bed New Parkland Hospital in Dallas, PSI consistently delivers the products and installation expertise healthcare organizations of every size require. PSI’s project management team works closely with our customers to provide seamless integration with other building trades
throughout the process so projects run efficiently, reducing the risks of costly delays.

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