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With PSI wall panel systems, the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re looking to make your walls a visual focal point of your space, creating murals with custom high-pressure laminate or seeking functionality and durability with our phenolic wall panels, our interior wall paneling systems will transform your space.

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About Wall Panel Systems

At PSI, we have made modular wall panel systems one of the cores of our business for the design diversity and limitless options it provides. Each day, we work to find new, exciting ways to shift away from generic, dated and difficult-to-maintain wall surface options by customizing and revitalizing our panel systems for bold, new applications such as:

  • Creating inviting spaces with warm wood veneers and decorative resin panels for walls
  • Enlivening an interior with colorful and sustainable TorZo™ surfaces
  • Showcasing your brand’s logo or art with custom high-pressure laminates (CHPL).
  • Maximizing the functionality of your wall surfaces with tackboard or dry erase panels

Walls need to withstand smudgy fingers, stray markers, relentless sunrays and the wear and tear that comes with life and work. We have an array of durable wall panel surface options tough enough to handle the biggest challenges. From the the limitless design options of high pressure laminates to the ultimate in impact resistance of phenolic panels, we can suggest the perfect surface material to life-proof your commercial interior.

Between our vast array of decorative trim options and the versatility of the modular designs, we’ve been able to offer nearly unlimited options for upgrades to gymnasiums, patient treatment areas, cafeterias, classrooms, hallways, elevators, lobbies, reception areas and more.

When you leave the planning and engineering to us, things on your end become simple. Just choose the finish, panel layout, and molding system, and let us do the work.

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