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With PSI wall panel systems, the sky’s the limit. Whether you’re looking to make your walls a visual focal point of your space, creating murals with custom high-pressure laminate or seeking functionality and durability with our phenolic wall panels, our interior wall paneling systems will transform your space.
About PSI Wall Panel Systems
Modular Design

At PSI, we have made modular wall panel systems one of the cores of our business for the design diversity and limitless options it provides. Each day, we work to find new, exciting ways to shift away from generic, dated and difficult-to-maintain wall surface options by customizing and revitalizing our panel systems for bold, new applications.


Walls need to withstand smudgy fingers, stray markers, relentless sunrays and the wear and tear that comes with life and work. We have an array of durable wall panel surface options tough enough to handle the biggest challenges. From the the limitless design options of high pressure laminates to the ultimate in impact resistance of phenolic panels, we can suggest the perfect surface material to life-proof your commercial interior.

Limitless Appeal
Between our vast array of decorative trim options and the versatility of the modular designs, we’ve been able to offer nearly unlimited options for upgrades to gymnasiums, patient treatment areas, cafeterias, classrooms, hallways, elevators, lobbies, reception areas and more.
PSI Wall Panel Systems

High Pressure Laminate

As the ultimate workhorse of the wall panel system family, our high-pressure laminate panels provide durability without sacrificing aesthetic integrity. These abuse-resistant HPL panel surfaces stand up to the wear and tear that comes with high traffic areas and spaces prone to damage.

Chancery Criminal Justice

Wood Veneer

The natural beauty of PSI’s wood veneer wall panels makes them a timeless addition to any space. Our panels are finished with a durable and environmentally friendly UV coating in either a gloss or satin finish.

George Washington Carver Elementary School

Tack Board

Our tack boards are durable and long-lasting in high-usage situations. PSI tack boards utilize Forbo’s bulletin board surfaces, which are the industry standard in self-healing, tackable, washable, and decorative wall surfaces.

Temple High School

Compact Laminate

Providing both beauty and strength, PSI’s Compact Laminate (Phenolic) Wall Panels are an ideal choice for environments requiring extra durability, impact resistance, and ease of maintenance.

St. David's Medical Center

Decorative Glass

Back painted glass is the perfect material for introducing color into a space, in a sleek and modern fashion. Widely appreciated for its beauty and durability, back-painted glass is also a non-porous material, making it ideal for applications that require easy cleaning and anti-microbial properties.

Conroe High School Auditorium

Acoustical Panel

Reducing unwanted noise in interior environments can contribute to many desired effects: enhanced learning in classrooms, better productivity in offices, more intelligible speech in group and conference settings and less distractive noise in large open areas.

Shell Appomattox

Metal Laminate

Command attention with our interior metal laminate wall panel systems. Metal laminate panels fuse industrialism with sophistication to add a high-tech flair to any space. This bold look is well suited for areas requiring sleek sophistication.

Magnetic Marker Board

With a magnetic porcelain enameled steel face, our wall panels with dry erase surfaces are high-performing and resistant to scratches, stains and fading, and can be written on with semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen or crayon without damaging the surface.


Custom Graphic Laminate

Showcase your brand in the most impactful way with custom high-pressure laminate panels. Your brand and messaging are indelible to your business, and should appear so. Imagine the impression it leaves when your logo and imagery is an integrated feature of the architectural environment instead of just a decoration.

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We are enriching lives through enhancing the environment in which people live, learn, heal, work and play. Reach out to our team to discuss your next project and join the mission.