• Begin by determining your perimeter wall placement by marking lines where the bottom and top tracks are to be installed. In the event there are no metal studded walls, you would place the tracks against the insulation.
  • Install the bottom track by securing to the deck plate with screws or welding along the length of the perimeter interior bulkhead.
  • Install top track after determining placement by level and plumbness with the bottom track and securing to top deck or ceiling joist with screws along the length of the interior perimeter bulkhead.
  • Before installing panels, a measurement should be taken by extending your tape measure from inside the top track to the top lip of the bottom track -1/8”. This should be repeated on each perimeter wall to determine any measurement changes.
  • Once a measurement has been determined, the panels would then be cut to size to be installed.
  • After cutting panel, starting at the beginning of a wall section in a corner, the panel would then be installed into tracks by inserting and lifting the top of the panel into the top track until the bottom of the panel can be inserted and lowered into the bottom channel.
  • Next you would insert the metal spline into the provided groove cut into the edge of the panel. The next panel would be cut to size and installed with the same procedure as the first panel and slid over to insert the metal spline into the provided groove cut into the edge of the panel until both panels touch.
  • This process would continue until all perimeter walls have been covered with wall panels.
  • Once completed, then corner trim profiles would then be installed by screws or a thin double-stick adhesive not showing any screws.

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