FIPRO® Panels

Universally recognized for its noncombustible strength, FIPRO® is one of the largest leaders of fire protection building products in watercraft. FIPRO® has been producing top-of-the-line panel products for over 30 years.
How FIPRO® is Made

What makes FIPRO® so great is the ingenuity of using vermiculite, an aluminum–iron–magnesium silicate organic mineral that expands when exposed to high heat. The expansion is very carefully watched until it evolves into a lightweight aggregate. Subsequently the aggregates are blended with inorganic binders and compressed to form FIPRO® board. PSI converts the boards to wall panels by addressing your specifications to suit the needs of surface, backing, sizing and packaging.

Fire Protection Regulations

PSI marine wall panels with FIPRO® core meet all relevant regulations for fire protection, according to SOLAS, fulling the requirements of noncombustible construction materials following the FTP Code for Interior outfitting and furniture in certain areas. Our materials also meet certification requirements with MED, Transport Canada and USCG. Additionally, they pass the highest toxicity safety measurement, The University of Pittsburgh Toxicity Text.

Fireproof Wall

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