Just like the wall panels themselves, PSI’s wall panel molding and reveals also come in various colors and designs. This gives you unparalleled power over the look and feel of your wall panel system, and it allows you to truly customize every inch of your wall space – from top to bottom.

If you plan to install wall panel systems in your building, here are just a few ideas regarding wall panel molding designs:

  1. Contrast – The molding is an excellent place to add contrast to your wall design. For example, the 310 EB System uses color edge banding to add further contrast to emphasize panel joints. Wider moldings such as the 410 System, allow for a one inch wide reveal to break up conjoining panels.
  2. Barely there – If you enjoy the look of your panels and don’t want to detract from the overall design, choose a minimalistic, barely-there look for your molding. This could be molding that is thin, clear, or in a tone that matches your wall panel finish. You can even opt to have the moldings recessed, which can help them fade into the background even more. We suggest using our 310 System which provides for a minimal 1/16 inch wide reveal.
  3. Mixing Styles – To add more variation, try combining molding styles to create different visual looks. Our 312/310 System create strong horizontal lines with a 1/2 inch wide reveal combined with a minimal 1/16 inch reveal that runs across vertically.
  4. Orientation – Depending on the look you want to achieve with your wall surface, our moldings can be used horizontally or vertically.

If you have questions about customizing wall panel molding designs for your specific project, then contact Panel Specialists today. Our expert designers can help you create a beautiful space that meets your organization’s needs and budget.



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