Torzo SurfacesWhether you’re pursuing LEED certification or you’re just concerned about the environment, Panel Specialists, Inc. has the perfect wall covering for you. Our TorZo™ wall panel system offers a green, sustainable, and environmentally friendly option for designing your space, remodeling your facility, or covering up old / outdated wall treatments.

All About Our TorZo Surfaces

The surfaces of our TorZo wall panel system are composed of recycled wood and agricultural by-products. Each one is infused with color-pigmented polymer resins, and are available in eight color options. Choose bright, eye-catching hues, or opt for more classic and muted tones.

As with our other panel options, our TorZo surfaces are extremely durable. You won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing them anytime soon. You can expect to have your environmentally friendly wall coverings for many years to come.

Here are just a few types of TorZo surfaces we offer:

  • Tiikeri: Made from infused sorghum straw. With a striped look, these come in copper, dusk, midnight, natural, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, and turquoise tones.
  • Durum: Made from infused wheat stalk. You’ll find these in cocoa, copper, natural, and onyx finishes.
  • Orient: Made from infused OSB composite board and recycled wood. These offer an almost marbled look in ruby, amethyst, sapphire, cocoa, and more.
  • Parda: Made with infused particle board and recycled wood. With a grainy, sand-like look, these come in a variety of colors, including natural, onyx, copper, and amethyst.
  • Indure: Made with infused MDF composite board and recycled wood. These offer a matte, muted look in cocoa, copper, natural, and onyx.

If you’re designing a green building project and are seeking LEED certification, our TorZo wall panel system can help you accomplish your goals. With no added urea formaldehyde and natural, biodegradable materials, you’ll find few wall coverings as convenient, affordable, and green as our TorZo surfaces.

Interested in an environmentally friendly wall panel system? Consider our TorZo panels. Contact Panel Specialists today to learn more.



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