Why Choose Our Fire Rated Wall Panels?Our fire rated wall panels offer powerful protection against the possibility of an onboard fire. One of the most important precautions you can take against potential fire-related property damage, fire rated wall panels can prevent the injuries or fatalities that often accompany these incidents.

Consider the Potential for Loss

A wide range of factors can cause fires on board watercraft, with electrical problems being the most common cause. Other aggravating factors include engine problems, spilled or leaking fuel, and careless or inattentive behavior from those on board.

When flames break out in a marine environment, options for escape or rescue are extremely limited. Each year, dozens of Americans are injured or killed in these incidents. This is not to mention the many millions of dollars in property damage that result as well.

Your Key to Prevention

Every fire can’t be prevented from occurring. However, our fire rated wall panels can minimize the death and damage caused by these events. Not only will this reduce your potential liabilities, it will also enable you and your organization to be better members of the watercraft community.

Our fire rated wall panels are built with a flameproof core of vermiculite, a naturally occurring mineral that’s free of the health risks and other disadvantages of materials like asbestos and silicates. You can use our panels for virtually any surface in your watercraft, including floors, ceilings, doors, and even furniture. Not only are our fire rated wall panels extremely flame retardant, they’re also attractive, making them a perfect choice for all types of boats.

A fire can break out almost anywhere, making our fire rated wall panels a worthy investment for any waterborne environment. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods enable us to customize these products to match your exact needs, while our expert installers will ensure they match your watercraft with hand-in-glove precision. Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation.



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