Medical CaseworkIt’s amazing how something that may seem trivial can have major implications for the outcome of a building project. Take the newly renovated Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, for example. This $1.3 billion structure required six years to complete and was the largest undertaking of its kind in the United States to-date.

With all of the intricate and expensive equipment that goes into such a facility, you might think choosing the right medical casework contractor would be a minor concern for building architects and designers. In reality, however, just the opposite was true.

Fortunately, the building management team for the project chose Panel Specialists, Inc. (PSI) for the job. This single decision prevented what might otherwise have been costly and time-consuming delays in the building process. Here’s why:

  • PSI helped create a uniform appearance throughout the hospital, which is vital in a professional facility. During construction, a single mistake or change of plans might have led to countless hours of work being scrapped. However, PSI’s knowledgeable staff was able to prevent these kinds of problems by suggesting economical yet effective workarounds to save time and money, while enhancing the facility’s appearance and functionality.
  • PSI adjusted its schedules to accommodate the project’s needs. PSI staff came in extra early, late at night, or whenever the demands of the job required. This helped to speed the job through to completion.
  • PSI took quality seriously. PSI professionals used only high-grade materials and ultra-precise fabrication techniques to create a clean, uniform, attractive appearance throughout the building. The work ethic of PSI employees and contractors was beyond reproach so the General Contractor was able to focus on more pressing matters.
  • PSI helped contain costs. As we all know, healthcare costs are ever increasing. Having a reliable casework provider won’t solve all the cost issues of healthcare. However, in the case of Parkland Hospital, choosing PSI did help them control construction costs so they could focus on what mattered most to them – their patients.

If PSI sounds like the kind of medical casework contractor you want on your side, then please contact us today for a free initial consultation or download the full Parkland case study here. We look forward to working on your next healthcare project.



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