Custom Medical Casework Offers Solutions and DurabilityPanel Specialists is a proud supplier of custom medical casework. We provide commercial woodworking and materials fabrication solutions to hospitals of all sizes across Texas. Plus, we carry the highest certifications in our industry for product excellence and environmental responsibility. Our name is synonymous with unsurpassed quality.

Advantages of PSI Custom Medical Casework:

  • There’s a reason why furnishings from a big box retailer are cheaper than those built with high quality workmanship and built-to-last materials. The less expensive option is not necessarily the best option. The costs of repairing and replacing the inferior furniture inevitably outweigh the few pennies saved upfront. Unlike big box retailers, PSI uses more expensive materials, proven engineering and specialized manufacturing solutions. Our casework will continue to serve your staff and patients long after lesser options have gone to the landfill.
  • Studies show that the physical environment that surrounds employees and patients has a profound effect on morale, productivity, and recovery rates. Our custom medical casework will contribute to the overall healing environment.
  • This is perhaps the most powerful benefit we offer. We can create truly customized solutions for your needs, meeting your facility’s practical requirements while also making it a place of distinctive beauty. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods make virtually anything you can imagine possible.

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