How Our Wood Veneer Panels Are ConstructedOur wood veneer panels are some of our most popular products. Why are they in such high demand, and what makes them such a great investment? That has to do with our high-quality production processes, our top-notch materials and the unique functionality and design flexibility they offer.

Are you considering wood veneer panels for your building? Let’s take a deeper look at these products and how they are made.

  • Four-part building process – Each of our wood veneer panels is made up of four parts. On the very bottom is the backer, which balances the panel and prevents it from warping or shrinking as humidity levels change. Next is the core, a particle board that adds rigidity and fire ratings, and helps to hold the panel up. On the very surface – the visible part – is the wood veneer. Around the edges of the entire panel, there is a finished wood banding, which covers the raw edges around the perimeter to hide the inside layers and deliver a polished look.
  • Numerous pattern options – Our wood panels come in 18 different patterns, including flat cut walnut, quartered cherry, Australian lacewood, curly maple and many more. You choose whichever matches your design and aesthetic best.
  • Leaves are book-matched and balanced – In order to ensure a balanced panel, each leaf on the panel is the exact same width, then leaves are placed in a book-matched pattern. The panels are then typically applied in a random pattern on the wall.

All of our wood panels are durable, meet AA architectural grade designations, and have environmentally friendly UV coatings in either a glossy or a satin sheen. You can also opt for clear or custom-stained panels.

PSI’s wood veneer panels can give your space the look it needs. View our products now, or contact the PSI team to get started.



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