When it comes to wall panel systems, your options run the gamut. Some are cheap and flimsy, focusing more on looks than substance, and others are only made for functionality, without taking aesthetics into account. Unfortunately, most panel manufacturers’ products fall into one of these extremes.

Here at PSI, we aim for the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics. In contrast to other panel systems on the market, PSI’s products offer you these benefits:

  • More design flexibility – There’s no limit to what you can do with our panels. You can achieve virtually any look imaginable with a modular, flexible framework; dozens of finishes, veneers and trim options; and a variety of patterns and colors. You also have a selection of molding options, and panels can be customized to display messaging, logos, and other signage.
  • Long-term value – At PSI, we’ve invested in large-scale equipment that allows us to lower our production costs significantly. That savings is passed along to you in the form of a more affordable price than most other manufacturers can offer. Additionally, our wall panel systems are about half the thickness of other systems and can be installed over existing wall coverings, resulting in lower materials cost and faster installation, both of which reduce your overall spend on the project. This also makes these panels perfect for remodels or renovations—you can completely change the look of your room or building in a fraction of the time it would take to demolish an old structure and start from scratch.
  • Performance – PSI Wall Panels can perform, no matter the location. Our panel options can deliver:
    • Durable surfaces for high traffic areas such as school or hospital corridors, airline terminals and public gathering spaces.
    • Surfaces to write on, pin artwork to and to communicate with.
    • Surfaces that look great and command attention

Why Build a Relationship with PSI?

As part of our sustainability initiative, we use only FSC certified panel core boards, which also do not contain added formaldehyde (NAF). PSI is proud to be a certified FSC manufacturer and a member of USGBC.

If you’re looking for wall panel systems that are affordable and bring visual appeal, consider PSI. Browse our products today, or contact our team to learn more.


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