A Wall Panel System Can Completely Cover Old Tile or WallpaperDreading that redesign? Probably because of the demo it will require, right? Well, if you’re not feeling destructive, a wall panel system from Panel Specialists Inc. might be just be the answer. Unlike other wall treatments, wall panels don’t require any prep work. No tearing down old wallpaper, covering up paint or removing tile. The new panel system simply installs over your old treatment and the work is complete.

As a result, a wall panel system can:

  • Save you time—Avoid days or weeks of prep work. With a wall panel system, your new wall treatment can be installed in a timely manner over any existing materials. No dealing with old wall treatments.
  • Save you hassles—By eliminating the demolition stage, you save yourself not only hassle and headaches, but also the fumes, dust and messiness associated with removing old treatments.
  • Help you avoid closures—During a demo and remodel, access to affected areas of the home or business must be restricted. This is inconvenient at the least, but it can also decrease, in the long run, both your revenue and your morale. Since wall panels eliminate the demo stage and can be installed during off-hours, you can avoid closures, downtime and lost productivity.
  • Simplify redecorating—If you enjoy redecorating every few years, wall panels are perfect for you too! Wall panels are just as easy to change as they are to install. This gives you unparalleled design flexibility both now and in the future.

Consider a wall panel system from Panel Specialists, and make redesigning your space simple, fast and affordable—no demolition necessary. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more or to start designing the perfect panels for your project.



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