How Modular Wall Panels Give Designers Creative FreedomUsing modular wall panels might sound limiting to an interior designer. But thanks to their versatility, flexibility and ease of installation, modular wall panels can provide a lot of creative freedom. They’re a great way to bring new looks and feels to any space, on any budget.

Modular Wall Panels Make Creative Interior Design Even Easier:

  • Wall panels come in all finishes and styles. Choose from wood veneers, natural resins, metal laminates and even eco-friendly TorZo™ surfaces. Or mix-and-match to create a truly unique space.
  • Wall panels can be placed in any arrangement or design. Wide or narrow, tall or short, a directional stripe that runs the length of your building or a single statement piece, modular wall panels can be assembled in any configuration.
  • Wall panels can be installed over existing designs. Rethinking that old wallpaper or paint color? Save yourself hours tearing, scraping and repainting. Modular wall panels can be installed directly over existing wall treatments without any dust, demolition or mess.
  • Wall panels can be accented in a myriad of ways. Choose from a variety of reveals and molding options to accent your panels however you prefer. Draw more attention to them or let them fade into the background—whichever best fits your desired aesthetic.
  • Wall panels can be customized. Let everyone know to whom those decorative panels belong. Add you or your team’s imagery, branding or slogans and make a unique statement on any wall of your building.

And the best part? Installing modular wall panels doesn’t require any disruption to your workday or work area. For your convenience we can install your panels after business hours or when your facility is closed, all without the mess and inconvenience of a traditional design job. To learn more or to discuss your new paneling system, contact Panel Specialists today.



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