mHouse Project

“What keeps me coming back to PSI is their customer service. They truly care.”

The Project

The mHouse, located in Watertown, Wisconsin, is a residential research lab for tomorrow’s modern home created by Surface & Panel Magazine and Materialicious. Featuring the latest innovations in the surface and panel industry, the mHouse aims to redefine “what’s possible” in residential and commercial interiors. With over 25 sponsoring companies, mHouse shows unique applications of the industry’s best decorative surface materials.



In late August, Panel Specialists, Inc. teamed up with Wilsonart International of Temple, TX, on a residential home design project known as the mHouse, or Materialicious House.

As a participating sponsor, Wilsonart sought out PSI’s help to produce a wall surface solution to display an 8 ft by 21 ft canvas painting, created by Milwaukee artist, Reginald Baylor, to cover a wall within the mHouse.

For artist Reginald Baylor, converting his original canvas work into a custom laminate mural seemed nearly impossible. Installing a wall panel system that fit seamlessly to a mural of that size posed many challenges.

“The mHouse is a very high quality home with many exacting details. The art and the system match the quality and design intent perfectly.”

Working with mHouse interior designer, Amy Carman, and architect, John Vetter, PSI advised the mHouse team to use the System 310, a wall panel molding option that allowed for a minimal 1/16” wide reveal to focus on the art at hand.

“PSI’s contribution really made the art wall a complete success. Without the PSI Wall Panel System, the art would have never looked finished and quite frankly would have been nearly impossible to install,” said John Aufderhaar, Publisher of Surface & Panel Magazine and President of Bedford Falls Communications.

A progressive panel system that provides durability and functionality, PSI’s moldings allowed the mural to be aligned perfectly. The system brought each panel together for a beautifully polished and cohesive look.

“The interior designer wanted the entire wall covered in art, which meant that encasing extrusions, top and bottom were within ½ inch or less of the ceiling and floor. Keeping tolerances like that were only possible with PSI,” said Aufderhaar.

Being the first time PSI has provided a custom panel system in a residential environment, the project proved to be a complete and beautiful success.

The mHouse grand opening was held in Watertown, WI on September 30th, 2015.