Marine Panels Color FantasyTo protect your marine vessel from fire, traditional wall materials just won’t suffice. Painted surfaces and wood are both combustible, and could be making your vessel more at risk of fire. To offer your vessel the utmost in fire protection, install fire-rated panels from Panel Specialists.

Our fire-rated panels have a certified FIPRO core, making them non-combustible and completely fire retardant. They’re ideal for ships and marine vessels that are required to have fire protection in place as outlined in SOLAS and the Fire Test Procedures from the International Maritime Organization.

Here’s how our FIPRO fire-rated panels can help protect your marine vessel—and its passengers—from potential fires:

  • Offer safety, plus style—Our panels not only protect, they also offer unparalleled functionality, creativity and design flexibility. Choose between any number of finishes, patterns and colors—whatever your current aesthetic and color scheme demands.
  • Provide healthy, non-harmful surfaces—PSI’s FIPRO panels have a core made from raw vermiculite, a naturally occurring mineral. They do not contain asbestos or other harmful substances, and they have passed the University of Pittsburgh’s rigorous toxicity safety test.
  • Serve multiple purposes—FIPRO panels can be used on virtually any surface of your vessel, from the walls and flooring to ceilings, furniture and doors. Wherever you need combined functionality and fire protection, our FIPRO panels can meet your requirements and provide a safe environment.

Our FIPRO fire-rated panels offer superior fire protection on the high seas. Plus, thanks to their flexible styling, modular framework and versatile design options, they can be made to fit any existing design aesthetic. To learn more about installing our fire-rated panels in your marine vessel, contact the team at Panel Specialists today. We can customize a paneling solution just for your needs.


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