Custom Build Your Interior Wall Panel Systems for Maximum UsabilityInterior wall panel systems not only makes walls more beautiful, easier to clean and more durable, but can actually increase the usability of walls as well.

What do we mean by “usability?” For example, instead of a static wall in the background that serves a single purpose, an interior wall panel system transforms walls into a tool that users can interact with, write on and incorporate into their everyday work routines.

Interior Wall Panel Systems Instantly Increase the Usability of Walls:

  • Chalkboard panels – We can install chalkboard-style wall panels that not only cover the walls and add a down-home charm, but can also be written on with chalk. Use these to jot down reminders, teach a lesson, or write patient notes. This option is ideal for hospitals, schools and medical offices.
  • Marker board panels – In the same vein, we can also create marker board panel systems that allow users to write on walls with dry-erase or water-soluble markers. Composed of magnetic porcelain enameled steel, these durable surfaces resist staining, fading and scratching. In addition, only a cloth is needed to instantly wipe away markings; no extra cleaning or care is required. These are practical solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, daycare centers and nurse/doctor stations.
  • Tack board panels – These panels transform walls into useful display and information areas. Hang artwork, memos, public notices and sign-up sheets on either full panels or strips using a small pin or tack. With a selection of 12 solid-thru colors, this is a decorative solution for any classroom, reception area, corridor or lobby.

If you want walls to serve more than one purpose in a building—making work easier and improving the lives of customers, patients and students—consider an interior wall panel system from Panel Specialists. Our expert designers will help you craft a customized panel solution that not only beautifies your space, but also increases its functionality. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.


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