Custom Laminate Panels

Showcase your brand in the most impactful way with custom high-pressure laminate panels. Your brand and messaging are indelible to your business, and should appear so. Imagine the impression it leaves when your logo and imagery is an integrated feature of the architectural environment instead of just a decoration.

We’ve had the pleasure of transforming our customers’ art, photography, and murals into permanent, resilient, eye-catching attributes of their interior.  Custom high-pressure veneers are well suited to:

  • Mascots, logos and brand iconography
  • Historical photos
  • Industry-related photos
  • Timeline graphics
  • Signage and wayfinding

Our custom laminate panels are created just like our high-pressure laminate wall panels. We start with your design and embed the image layer behind a protective melamine finish layer, offering the same resistance to impact and scratches as the high-pressure laminates.

PSI Custom Laminate Case Study
PSI Artwork Requirements
Custom laminates
Custom Laminate
Custom laminates