Goliad ISD

“When you take everything into consideration, there weren’t many other options other than PSI. It was a no-brainer.”
Goliad ISD Elementary School

The Project

Goliad Independent School District (ISD) takes pride in preparing its students for the future, and providing beautiful and functional learning facilities for its three schools (elementary, middle, and high schools) is part of that preparation. So when David Hill, Director of Operations at Goliad ISD, needed to cover outdated brick and sheetrock walls that required constant maintenance, he turned to Panel Specialists for a solution that could provide long-lasting impact and value.



With PSI, Hill discovered high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels would be cost efficient, easy to maintain, durable and a visually appealing option for all three schools. HPL is perfect for high traffic areas where durability is as important as beauty.

For Goliad High School, PSI replaced a dated, green-glazed brick with neutral, solid gray HPL panels and tackboard throughout the hallways. Goliad Elementary and Middle Schools received the same treatment to the hallways and cafeteria areas. Neutral gray panels throughout all three schools provided a cohesive, contemporary look, tying-in nicely with the existing blue brick, Goliad’s school color.

“A wall panel system plays dual purpose. It looks good, and it’s durable,” Hill said.

During the panel installation in the high school gym, the old brick walls proved to be tougher than originally anticipated, breaking drills and drill bits throughout the project. PSI quickly developed a new mounting process to affix the panels to the walls. Working through a variety of challenges during any installation process requires flexibility and quick thinking.

“PSI handled it all very professionally,” Hill said. While other renovations were taking place in the high school gym, PSI remained flexible to accommodate the other work schedules. “You can count on PSI to get the job done in a tight timeframe.”

While the initial expense and two-year project timeline had to be approved by the school board and discussed with teachers and the superintendent, everyone agreed the strategic investment and total cost of ownership of PSI’s wall panel system was an easy decision.

“Over a 10-year period, it’s less maintenance in the long run. A smart investment to make,” Hill said. “In time [the panels] will save about 50 percent or more on maintenance and upkeep of these walls.”

With the new panels in place, Goliad ISD began to see immediate benefits because rather than painting, the walls could simply be cleaned with soap and water, even high-traffic areas that show ink, dirt and scuff marks were easily maintained.

“My maintenance guys love it,” Hill said. Every square foot of the panels cut maintenance costs – from cleaning and repairing to daily maintenance. Goliad ISD saw reduced costs over time, allowing them to focus on other school repairs.

In addition to praise from the maintenance team, the panels proved to have a positive impact on both students and teachers. Teachers are excited about the work they can showcase in the hallway tack boards, and the fresh colors and materials make the school feel new.

“The panels provide a space to present the kid’s hard work and personal achievements. It looks great during open house and parents’ night, and you can’t put a price on that,” Hill said.

“Even the kids feel better,” Hill said, now that he’s no longer hearing comments about dated green walls and has seen a boost in overall morale. “You could tell they feel a lot better with the new panels in place throughout the school.”

PSI worked closely with Goliad ISD which enabled all parties to stay on tight schedules to accommodate the school year. PSI’s in-house manufacturing capabilities and full installation team allowed Goliad ISD’s maintenance staff to focus on other areas of the school, saving on time, labor and simplifying the overall renovation process.

“When you take everything into consideration, there weren’t many other options other than PSI. It was a no brainer,” Hill said.