The partnership between Temple ISD and PSI began in 2014 and has steadily grown to become a flagship collaboration. The relationship started with Mr. Elliot Germany and Mr. Gary Kosel serving on the Career and Technical Education Business & Industry Advisory Council. Through like-minded belief systems and passion to build a successful future for all, the iChallengeU project was developed and implemented with construction and accounting students in 2015. Throughout 2015 – 2018, cross-program dual credit scholarships were provided to support student growth and career readiness. In 2018, furniture was donated to meet classroom storage needs. In 2019, at-risk students received face-to-face support and encouragement through a PSI-supported student recognition initiative; and in 2020 a nested-based router was donated with supporting micro vellum software for the construction program.

Temple ISD, specifically the Wildcat Workforce CTE program, is better and stronger because of our partnership with PSI. Programs function with current equipment, students engage in real-world project learning experiences, students are connected to dual credit opportunities, and face-to-face mentoring changes the trajectory of student lives. It is a privilege and an honor to have such a partnership!

Bobby Ott, Ed.D.
Temple ISD