Create Visual Impact With Functional Wall PanelsWhile functional wall panels make remodeling, cleaning, and maintaining your space infinitely easier, those are not their sole qualities. Panels can also transform your space visually. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colors, patterns, and finishes, you can create a space that is completely customized and unique.

Get creative with functional wall panels:

  • Signs, logos, and mottos—Laminate panels can be customized with any image, logo, graphic, or motto you desire, and they can serve as the focal point of your space or entire building. The best part is, they’re stronger and more durable than graphic vinyl wall coverings and will last much longer.
  • Accents—Select panels in accent colors to make your area truly stand out. You can even use colors to create geometric patterns, an excellent idea for primary schools and other facilities that serve children.
  • Molding—Accent the colors and patterns of your panels with unique molding and reveals. For instance, add a high-tech touch with a metal molding, or keep it subtle with a matte black reveal.
  • Way Finding—Another technique for adding both visual appeal and functionality is to use colored panels and accents to guide visitors throughout your facility. A line of red panels, for example, can help direct visitors from the hallway to the cafeteria, restrooms, and exits. You can also use custom laminates to create signage, labeling different areas of your building or even creating maps.

If you’d like to create more visual impact in your building, our functional wall panels can help you accomplish your goals. Contact Panel Specialists today to discuss your options or to start designing your project now.


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