Decorating With High Pressure Laminate Panels and Metal Laminate PanelsBoth our high pressure laminate panels and our metal laminate panels can be a great addition to any building or remodeling effort. In fact, they are quite versatile and can be used either separately or combined to accent one another. It all depends on your intended use and the overall aesthetic look you envision.

To help you determine the best panels for your environment, we’ve broken down the advantages, uses and benefits of each.

High Pressure Laminate Panels

High pressure laminate panels are ideal for high-traffic areas like school hallways, hospital waiting rooms and other busy spaces in your building. Basically, anywhere there is potential for wall damage, our high pressure laminate panels are the right choice.

High pressure laminates also:

  • Come in a wide variety of designs. Our high pressure laminates offer incredible versatility. They come in an array of colors, textures, patterns, finishes and more. This makes them the perfect choice for an interior designer looking to merry function and design.
  • Are extremely durable. Our high pressure laminate panels are abuse-resistant, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant. They’ll stand the test of time no matter how often they’re touched, leaned on or bumped into with mops or vacuums, and you’ll never have to repaint your wall surfaces again.
  • Can be easily maintained. One of the best attributes of our high pressure laminate panels is that they’re extremely easy to clean and maintain. Just spray use soap and water, wipe them off, and you’ve got a sparkling clean surface once again. This works with dirt, grime, dust and even graffiti, making it perfect for high traffic areas.

Metal LaminatesMetal Laminate Panels

Metal laminate panels offer an easy way to achieve a modern, industrial or high-tech look in your space. With a large portfolio of shiny, eye-catching metal finishes, you can use them to cover full walls, add accents to certain areas, or just put a little visual interest in an otherwise boring space.

The Dynamic Duo

Both high pressure and metal laminate panels expand your design options without the need for a full demolition. They:

  • Can be installed over your existing wall surface. There’s no need for expensive demo with these panels. Just place them directly over your existing wall, and your new look is achieved in just hours.
  • Offer a number of trim and molding options. Add a signature look with our wide variety of molding and trim options.

Whether used separately or combined for a stunning visual display, both metal laminate panels and high pressure laminate panels can make an excellent choice for your next project. To get help in choosing the right paneling for your specific needs and budget, contact Panel Specialists today. Our designers are here to make your project as successful as possible.



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