Wood Veneer Panels

Warm, Elegant, and Classically Beautiful are terms that describe Wood Veneer Wall Panel Systems from PSI. Our veneer panel surfaces are specially selected to meet the highest AA architectural grade designation. Most are also available with certification, and our panel cores are all certified.

Panel finishes are durable, environmentally friendly UV coatings in either a gloss or satin sheen, and can be either clear or custom stained. All panel edges have finished wood edge banding to create a more solid wood appearance.

These represent our standard range of wood veneer panels. Most other commercially available species are available from us as well.

Black Limba Wood Veneer

Black Limba

Block Mottle Makore Wood Veneer

Block Mottle Makore

Caramelized Bamboo Wood Veneer

Caramelized Bamboo

Flat Cut Cherry Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Cherry

Flat Cut Mahogany Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Cherry

Flat Cut Maple Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Maple

Flat Cut Red Oak Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Red Oak

Flat Cut Walnut Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Walnut

Flat Cut White Oak Wood Veneer

Flat Cut White Oak

Quartered Afromosia Wood Veneer

Quartered Afromosia

Quartered Anigre Wood Veneer

Quartered Anigre

Quartered Antiartis Wood Veneer

Quartered Antiartis

Quartered Ash Wood Veneer

Quartered Ash

Quartered Cherry Wood Veneer

Quartered Cherry

Quartered Fumed Oak Wood Veneer

Quartered Fumed Oak

Quartered Mahogany Wood Veneer

Quartered Mahogany

Quartered Makore Wood Veneer

Quartered Makore

Quartered Maple Wood Veneer

Quartered Maple

Quartered Plain Bubinga Wood Veneer

Quartered Plain Bubinga

Quartered Plain Etimoe Wood Veneer

Quartered Plain Etimoe

Quartered Rift White Oak Wood Veneer

Quartered Rift White Oak

Quartered Walnut Wood Veneer

Quartered Walnut

Quartered Figured Anigre Wood Veneer

Quartered Figured Anigre

Reconstituted Quartered Ebony Wood Veneer

Reconstituted Quartered Ebony

Reconstituted Quartered Wenge Wood Veneer

Reconstituted Quartered Wenge

Reconstituted Quartered Zebrawood Wood Veneer

Reconstituted Quartered Wenge

Reconstituted Rift White Oak Wood Veneer

Reconstituted Rift White Oak

Rift Red Oak Wood Veneer

Rift Red Oak

Sapele Wood Veneer