Our Working Surfaces

PSI Wall Panel Systems are more than just a pretty face, they can be hard working too. Marker Boards and Tack Boards can be integrated into our wall systems without the need to hang them separately on top of the walls. The finished look is cleaner and the installed costs are lower.

Marker Boards

PSI Wall Panels with Marker Board surfaces are made for performance. The magnetic porcelain enameled steel faces will not scratch, stain or fade. They can be written on with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen or crayon without damaging the surface. The low gloss dry erase surface provides for superior writability, with no ghosting. Reduced surface light distortion enhances visibility to provide optimum eye comfort.

Tack Boards

PSI Tack Boards utilize Forbo’s bulletin board surfaces. It is a self -healing, decorative, washable, tackable surface that is available in 15 solid-thru decorative colors. The bulletin board is made from natural materials, emits no VOC’s and is LEED compliant.

The PSI Tackboards can be installed as full size panels or used as tack strips as narrow as 2” wide depending on the molding system used.

Markerboard & Tackboard
Markerboard & Tackboard
Markerboard & Tackboard

Color Options:

Markerboard and Tackboard Color Options