Marker Board and Tack Board

The ultimate integration of aesthetic and functionality, our marker boards and tack boards are an update to these writable and usable surfaces. Marker boards and tack boards can be integrated into the wall surface for a sleek, consistent look rather than installed on top of wall paneling. Ideal for classrooms and boardrooms, consider it a wall that works with you and for you.

Marker Board Panels

With a magnetic porcelain enameled steel face, our wall panels with dry erase surfaces are high-performing and resistant to scratches, stains and fading, and can be written on with semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen or crayon without damaging the surface.

This dry erase surface is low gloss, providing a superior writing surface, no ghosting and easy clean up. These marker board panel systems also resist glare as they are coated with a finish that reduces surface light distortion for enhanced visibility in various lighting conditions.

Tack Board Wall Panels

Our tackboards are durable and long-lasting in high-usage situations. PSI tack boards utilize Forbo’s bulletin board surfaces, which are the industry standard in self-healing, tackable, washable, decorative wall surfaces.

Available in 15 solid-through colors, these tack boards can be easily integrated within a larger wall panel system. Made from natural materials, they emit no VOCs and are LEED compliant for green building projects.

Our tack boards can be installed as a full-sized panel or as decorative and functional accent strips, as narrow as 2” wide, depending on the molding system used.

Markerboard & Tackboard
Markerboard & Tackboard
Markerboard & Tackboard

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Markerboard and Tackboard Color Options