Panel Surfaces

It is important to know your purpose and pick the right surface for it.

Start the process by choosing from our multitude of wall panel surface materials. Our modular panel systems mean you can combine multiple surface materials for the perfect design to suit your space.

Choose from:

  • High-Pressure Laminates (HPL): For abuse-resistant, high-traffic areas
  • Wood Veneers: For an inviting, high-end ambiance
  • Custom High-Pressure Laminates (CHPL): To showcase brand messaging or artwork as an architectural feature
  • Metal Laminates: For contemporary, high-tech spaces
  • TorZo™ Surfaces: Sustainable, naturally-inspired surfaces made from recycled materials
  • Marker Board & Tack Board: For those who’d like to write and tack directly onto the wall without damaging the surface
  • Resin Laminates: Adding a three-dimension perspective to a flat, two-dimensional surface
  • Acoustic Panels: Helping with sound abatement and sound management
  • Phenolic Panels: Where durability is as important as beauty in the most demanding environments