New Leaf™ Laminate

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New Leaf has improved on nature, taking the beauty, depth, and dimension of natural wood grain and elevating it to a level of consistency and performance unimaginable with traditional veneers. The result is a beautifully predictable veneered surface that eliminates the old problems and sets a new standard for enduring natural style.

How New Leaf is Made

New Leaf Process 1


High-grade veneers from responsibly harvested premium wood species and cuts are hand-picked for reproduction.

New Leaf Process 2


Veneer sheets are crafted into thin, consistently pre-finished veneers and a backer is applied to add strength and usability.

New Leaf Process 3


Polyurethane is applied to the top and integrated throughout to form the highest performance veneers on the market.

New Leaf Process 4

FSC Certified

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means it meets the "gold standard" ethical production.

New Leaf Process 5


The veneers are pressed to your chosen surface and pronounced ready for use in your final applications.


Species, Cut + Color

Superior Performance

Diverse Design Surfaces

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