Surface Options

High Pressure Laminates:

This surface option is available in hundreds of different colors and patterns. It provides good scratch and impact resistance. It is easy to maintain with a simple wipe down with soap and water. Use in areas requiring decoration and or abuse resistance.

Stainless Steel (standard 304-4)

Impervious to water and a hard surface that will remain sanitary. Use in galley’s, dry storage, dishwashing area, restrooms and wet units on walls and ceilings.

Galvanized Steel

Hard and extremely abuse resistant. Use in workshops, MCC rooms and mechanical rooms where durability is more important than décor. Can also be supplied with durable painted finishes.

Wood Veneers

Classic Beauty and warmth. Can be supplied pre-finished or raw to be finished to match other elements in the space. Use in lounges, restaurants, and public salons.

Porcelain Steel Marker Board Surfaces

Non-ghosting, dry erase surfaces. Use in Operations rooms and meeting rooms.

Flat Cut Mahogany - Wood Veneer Panel