Marine Applications

Marine Panels ApplicationsMarine Applications

Thermax paneling is used for A, B, & C Class bulkheads as defined in Title 46 Code of Federal Regulations (46 CFR). The USCG publication NVIC 9-97 explains the ‘Structural Fire Protection’ (SFP) regulations for bulkheads in detail in Chapters 3.2 thru 3.4 (see Technical Resources Section – USCG Web Site).

Metal profiles / joinery items complete the requirements for assembly of the Thermax A, B, & C Class bulkhead systems.

Thermax Fipro Approved Marine Construction
Thermax Fipro Profiles 2009

A Class Bulkheads
Requirements can be achieved in conjunction with steel bulkhead and the use of rock wool and Thermax as explained in NVIC 9-97.

B-0 / B-15 Class Bulkheads
19mm Thermax® SN single panel system — approved for free-standing construction.

Double Shell SN 10mm panel system allows the possibility to remove any individual panel for replacement, inspection or maintenance. Electric and telecom cable and some piping can be installed in the void. Switchboxes can be inserted into the wall panels without interference with the fire rating. For fixing of heavy items like washbasins and furniture the upright posts can be replaced by stronger rectangular tubes. With rockwool insulation placed in the void, sound reduction exceeding 40dB is possible.

C Class Bulkheads
C requirements – Non-combustible only. All Thermax SN thicknesses are non-combustible.

DRAWINGS and SOLAS, IMO, USCG Certificates available upon request. Contact us by using the email ( or by calling (800) 947-9422 or (254) 774-9800.

Other Marine Applications

Other Marine ApplicationsCeilings
Thermax used in conjunction with steel deck overhead and rockwool can achieve A, B and C requirements as explained in NVIC 9-97, Chapter 3.5.

Furniture, Fixtures and Jointery
Thermax SN850 boards are used as core material for the manufacture of non-combustible furniture. In the construction of furniture, the mechanical strength such as screw extraction and bending strength have an increased impact.