Fire Rated Laminated Panels

Safety and peace-of-mind are invaluable when it comes to fire prevention. Every step taken can help minimize property damage and loss of life.

Our Thermax fire rated wall panels fuse top-grade materials and superior craftsmanship to provide peace-of-mind in buildings and watercraft. These top-quality fire-resistant panels can even be adapted into fire-proof furniture.  These panels are a low-maintenance precaution providing a priceless benefit should the worst happen.

Fires in a marine environment:

Fire aboard a watercraft or marine structure is a terrifying situation because of quick-spreading flames and the frequent necessity to evacuate. Electrical issues are the leading cause of marine fires, but other common causes include leaking fuel and gas lines, engine issues, overheated grease in the galley and careless or inattentive behavior of those on board.

Annually, numerous American are injured, lose their lives, and incur staggering financial loss because of marine fire. We work to offer preventative solutions to minimize damage and loss.

Keys to prevention:

While we can’t prevent every fire, our fire rated panels are a proven means of containing fire to minimize disaster. Certified by SOLAS, Thermax contains a flameproof vermiculite core, a naturally occurring mineral, free of health risks. These non-combustible panels can be used for any surface of a room or watercraft, including floors, ceilings, doors and even furniture. Beyond the flame-retardant benefits, our panels are also aesthetically appealing to serve as the perfect fit for any space. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing methods enable us to customize these products to match your exact needs and our expert installers will ensure they suit your building or vessel with hand-in-glove precision.

Our marine panels with a Fipro core can be laminated and finished in various ways to adapt to the design of any watercraft or offshore rig. In addition to our factory provided options including high-pressure laminates, wood veneers, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and porcelain enamel marker boards, Fipro panels can be finished on site with wallpapers, ceramic tile and marble tile to meet the demands of your space. At PSI, we work to offer optimal functionality and aesthetic in every aspect of our product.

Our laminate manufacturing partners offer over 250 high-pressure laminate color selections, all in compliance with SOLAS certification. And, if you don’t see something you like, we will work with the company of your choosing to ensure we are providing the perfect marine laminated panel.

Our Five Most Popular Laminate Colors:

Marine Laminated Panels

Max On top

Laminate companies offer over 250 HPL color selections including wood grains, patterns, metallics, and solid colors. We can work with any company you may select to get you the right Marine Laminated Panels.  Sample laminate colors above by Wilsonart International.