Certifications: SOLAS IMO


Our Fipro core marine wall panels are certified by SOLAS IMO, which is the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea. Marine architects and designers can feel confident in using our products for vessels that are compliant with the safety standards of construction, equipment and operation.

The certification listings for Thermax and Fipro can be seen below, with USCG certificate numbers listed at www.mared.org.  Copies of the original signed certificates are available upon request.

Certifications - SOLAS IMO


Transport Canada Certificates are available upon request.

Transport Canada Certificates


Bureau Veritas carries out design reviews, surveys, and inspections to assess the conformity of marine equipment and materials in compliance with BV Rules and international regulation, and issue relevant approval certificates.

Bureau Veritas is a “Notified Body” (N.B. N° 0062) to perform design and production conformity assessments of all the marine equipment listed in the Annex A.1 to the Directive on marine equipment (Council Directive 96/98/EC, as amended, M.E.D.).  All Thermax Fipro Certificates for SOLAS, IMO, EU, and USCG are issued by Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas

Certifications SOLAS IMO

Certifications SOLAS IMO