If you’re an architect or interior designer you want to make sure the products you recommend meet the quality standards you demand both now AND in the future, so that your vision can shine for many years.

Phenolic Wall Panels at DFWStandard High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) faced panels provide the perfect balance between aesthetics, durability, and ease of maintenance. However, for extremely high traffic, or abuse prone areas that require even more protection from impacts, Phenolic Wall Panels are the answer.

Phenolic panels come in an endless assortment of finish design and color options, and these specially constructed panels offer an extra layer of protection for your walls.

Standard HPL panels are constructed of HPL laminated to a particle board core. The HPL face provides the decorative look and scratch resistance, and coupled with a particle board core, good impact resistance.  Phenolic panels are made with the same face layer as HPL, but inside are bonded with heat and pressure to multiple layers of Phenolic saturated kraft papers resulting in a panel that is far denser and resists impacts better than HPL faced particle board. They are also available with a Class A Fire-Rating. Phenolic Wall Panels are well suited for airport and other public transportation terminals, hospital corridors, stadiums, and behind water fountains or on restroom walls.

A Blended Approach to Design

Many installations require the high-impact protection of Phenolic panels, but only in certain areas. This is where standard (lower cost) HPL panels made to match the Phenolic panels can create magic for your design and your budget. To give you an example, imagine a room with walls that require panels that go all the way up to the ceiling (like the one in the picture from DFW Airport). Phenolic panels can be placed low on the wall where the abuse takes place and matching HPL faced panels used above to complete the aesthetic.

Top Features of Phenolic Panels

  • Low Cost Installation
  • Perfect for Heavy Traffic Areas
  • Moisture Resistant
  • Class A Fire-Rating Available
  • Same Finish Options as HPL (Wilsonart and Formica, only)
  • Can Easily Combine with Matching HPL Panels





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