Freedom of the seas Livingroom CorridorCruise ships, ferries, drilling rig accommodations, production platform accommodations, naval ships, and other marine vessels must adhere to a number of requirements and laws in order to ensure the safety of those on board, as well as others on the surrounding waters. One of the strictest areas of regulation for these ocean vessels is fire protection, something that marine panels can address.

SOLAS, a set of regulations from the International Maritime Organization, establishes a number of requirements for maritime vessels. Namely, it demands that all vessels use non-combustible construction materials throughout the ship. Additionally, the IMO also set forth the Fire Test Procedures, or FTP code, which establishes several fire protection rules for maritime vessels.

While at first these regulations might seem daunting, PSI is here to ease the stress. In fact, with our marine panels, complying with these strict requirements is no longer a worry, but actually easy.

PSI Marine Panels

For more than 30 years, PSI Marine Panels with a certified FIPRO/Thermax core that meet all SOLAS and FTP code regulations have been chosen by the most demanding marine decorators, designers and architects.

Our non-combustible boards offer safety as well as style in a variety of decorative offerings such as laminates, veneers, mirrors, wallpapers, galvanized steel, powder coated galvanized steel, stainless steel, and polished metals. They’re suitable for any interior outfitting, from walls and doors to floors, countertops, and even furniture.

Each panel meets the strict requirements of MED, Transport Canada, and the United States Coast Guard, and we have certifications from SOLAS, IMO, and the USCG to prove it.

Additionally, our marine panels are made from a natural mineral called vermiculite, so they are completely safe and non-toxic for your passengers. They have passed the University of Pittsburgh’s toxicity test, and we never use asbestos or other harmful substances in their production. Besides interior construction, our panels can also create a beautiful external aesthetic throughout your entire vessel.

Need Marine Fire Protection?

If your vessel needs help complying with FTP or SOLAS, our marine panels can help. We offer bulkheads wall linings that utilize a specialty, non-combustible core material that can meet these stringent fire protection regulations. To learn more or to purchase your panels today, contact PSI.



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