Laminated Wall Panels: A Functional and Beautiful Way to Cover Old Wall TreatmentsRemoving old wallpaper, sanding down paint, and spackling over holes is not the easiest way to redo your walls. In fact, it’s actually quite time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, with our laminated wall panels, this task becomes much easier. Since our panels can be installed directly over old wall treatments, no extra work is required, saving you time and labor.

And the best part? Our wall panels not only make the job easier, they also make the final outcome more beautiful.

Here are just a few ways our laminated wall panels combine beauty and functionality:

  • Flexible designs—You can arrange our wall panels in any pattern or order you wish. You can even use them to create visual guides throughout your building to highlight certain areas. In addition, we offer a variety of moldings and reveals for further design options.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance—No more repainting smudges on the walls or scrubbing away at difficult stains. Our panels can be easily cleaned and wiped down with regular non-abrasive household cleaning products, saving your maintenance staff time and frustration.
  • Business continuity—When you choose PSI, you can continue using the space that is being remodeled. Since our laminated wall panels can be installed over old wall finishes, there’s none of the dirt or dust associated with demolition. We can also complete your remodeling during off hours or days, so that section or building can remain open during business hours.
  • Durability—Whether your walls are leaned on, touched, or hit, our HPL surfaced panels are designed to stand the test of time. They’re ideal for high-traffic or high-abuse areas in busy schools or hospitals.

PSI’s Wall Panel System gives you the tools you need to transform your space into a highly functional, beautiful facility that your customers, students, or patients will love. Contact the Panel Specialists team to learn more about our products or to start designing your facility today.


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