What Others Think of PSI

“We were recently tasked with the renovation of a manufacturing facility used by the Boeing Corporation. The owner wanted to provide the employees a space that would celebrate the history of the company and foster a sense of workplace pride. We needed to find a design solution that would allow us to showcase Boeing and its employees but remain durable enough to withstand the rigors of an operational manufacturing facility. PSI panels were integral in balancing the demands of the facility and the aesthetics the client wanted. We used the panels to integrate images with plastic laminates and marker boards to create functional and highly attractive zones throughout the facility. The seamless integration of images allowed us to highlight Boeing’s rich history, bright future and connections to the region.”
–Travis Apodaca (Associate, RS&H San Antonio)

“Working with PSI was a smooth and reliable process. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They will work with any challenge you give them and come up with a customized solution to complete the job. We needed an installation to cover the existing granite and they worked with us to come up with a durable and cost-effective solution that looked stunning. They had never done an installation over granite and so they did in house and on site testing to verify a reliable and professional install instead of telling us no. They will go the extra mile to accomplish any task to ensure the happiness of the client.”
–Courtney Carter (Associate, The Jordan Group)

“We chose PSI panels for the City Council Chambers in Hutto, TX because they not only perform beautifully in commercial spaces, but they look elegant and high-end. Our client wanted a wood veneer interior, but the budget (and durability needed) just didn’t support such a treatment. We, instead, specified PSI Interior Wall Panels with a natural finish wood-look laminate. We used the smallest profile trim system offered by PSI and it turned out great! Our experience in working with the PSI team has been nothing but delightful. They helped us work through a design and installation issue in a very timey manner, and went above and beyond in making sure the product was installed on time. Our representative, Maria, checked-in throughout the project to make sure we were comfortable with the process and to answer any questions we had. All in all, we are very pleased with our decision to go with a PSI panel system for this project.”
–Mandy McWilliams (Senior Associate, FGM Architects)

“I wish to commend the entire PSI team for the outstanding support and quality of work that your team always provides to us. During the time that we have worked together on multiple projects, your team has always demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism, commitment to safety, quality of construction, and timeliness of completion. Construction under the best of circumstances is never easy. One of the things that I truly appreciate about PSI is that when an issue, challenge, or “problem” occurs, every member of your team focuses on how to make things right in a professional and cooperative manner. It is great to work with individuals of the caliber of those found on the PSI team. “
–Marc Hildenbrand (COO, Tri-Tech Construction)

“The addition at Leander Middle School included the integration of new multipurpose spaces in the existing school building with new paint, panels and flooring. Other finish surfaces and the lockers remained unchanged due to budget so the use of PSI panels became an important feature of the project. We have used the panels before and have always been very satisfied with the results, however at the middle school the panels exceeded our expectations. The appearance, the design options with panel size and direction, the unifying nature of the panels between new and old, the use of color to designate zones, the detailing of edge conditions and of course the durability of the material came together to significantly change the interiors and improve the everyday experience of the students and staff. We will continue to use this material in our educational projects as it offers our design team a great combination of ease of construction minimizing substrate finish out, durable finish, and expansive design size/color combinations.”
– Roger Mueller (Fields Architects Project Manager)

“We continue to work on school projects where an economical way to protect gypsum board walls is through the use of wall paneling systems – we have traditionally used PSI’s paneling systems. Where the paneling systems were originally chosen for their durability, PSI has continually developed and improved their products appearance over the years, to a point that we now consider them to be a design opportunity for our jobs. We look forward to designing with current and future products from PSI.”
– Stantec Architecture in Texas (Austin, Houston, Plano, and San Antonio)

“At BLGY’s new office, we wanted to explore multipurpose use of space, increase opportunities for collaboration in the studio, and optimize use of space in a hallway leading to the breakroom and the small group room. We decided to combine a variety of wall panel types for a couple of reasons: to add durable, usable wall surfaces, show cost-alternatives to our clients and enable our studio to become a living laboratory for exploring design concepts. We used a tackboard and woodgrain HPL panel combination for the corridor, and HPL and writeable magnetic back-painted glass panels, in the meeting room. Both areas compliment the interior design, also serving as a convenient mockup for our education clients when they tour our office. We’re impressed by the versatility afforded by PSI’s wall panel system and look forward to showing our clients how useful, attractive, and workable it can be for a variety of applications.”
– Sita Lakshminarayan, BLGY Architecture, Vice President

“The (PSI) p-lam panels at the ACC San Gabriel Campus were easily installed and durable. PSI installed them early in the construction process and they did not get damaged with minimal protection. Because we required a mockup, we were able to work out any transitions with boards or corner trim pieces with Pfluger’s Project Construction Manager, and Project Architect before continuing with the whole installation. Having a qualified and knowledgeable installer was also a vital component to the integrity and final look of the system.”
– Tim Connerty, General Contractor, American Constructors

“On our end, our experience was that we were able to replicate the look of the exterior cladding panels at a lower cost without sacrificing the look. You all were great in working with us to replicate the trim pieces to match those used in the exterior for a homogeneous look.”
– Frances Brooks, RA, Senior Construction Manager, Pfluger (Austin)

“Hendrick Medical Center has been using PSI’s laminate wainscot panels for the last 13 years. In an effort to provide finishes that could withstand a lot of abuse, cut down on maintenance costs and provide a nice look, we implemented laminate wainscot panels in all patient rooms. This has proven to be so beneficial that we have pushed this concept out to exam rooms and waiting rooms in many of our locations. In my opinion, that one finish upgrade has been one of our best decisions. The enhanced appearance, along with the extended life of our room finishes, gives our customers a great impression while also saving us money on maintenance. We have implemented this concept in areas that are the most difficult to keep looking good on a day-to-day basis. We are very proud of our “look” and PSI laminate wainscot panels are a big part of our success.”
– Duane Martin, Director of A/E Services, Hendrick Medical Center

“Bledsoe Architects portfolio of work includes major high school and university facilities. We have found that using PSI’s modular wall panel system has been an effective way to provide our clients an interior finish that stands up to the rigors of heavy use and abuse, requires little or no maintenance, and creates an attractive atmosphere. It does this and still falls within the budget parameters required for a successful project. Our clients have been so pleased with the product that they have requested its use on additional work. As such we will continue using the product on future projects because of the value it adds.”
– R. Bryan Yeates, Principal, Bledsoe Architects

“PSI installed their wall panel system at Bell Helicopter’s Welcoming Center in Amarillo, Texas. The center is the first place the visitors see at our site. We needed a professional and modern look. Our architect presented PSI with a design concept and they did a masterful job from the first phone call to the last installed panel. Their execution was precise, installation was rapid, and customer service was above their competitors. Thank you, PSI, for allowing us to finish on time and under budget.”
– Trevor Guston, Facilities Management, Bell Helicopter

“Early on in the design process we came across a historical image from the Library of Congress. We knew we needed to find a way to make it a permanent part of the dining area. PSI was able to give us a solution that we are sure will be a center piece for years to come. Besides providing an incredible art piece the whole team at PSI worked together to make sure they delivered ahead of schedule to help us finish out a very unique dining area.”
– Sean Fuqua, AIA, Project Manager, Amarillo National Bank

“We have recently renovated our 60+ year old Physics Building and utilized the PSI wall panel system to overlay the existing tile wainscoting on the first-floor hallways. It dramatically transformed the building’s interior with amazing results. The quality and workmanship of the PSI panel system are exceptional. We installed this system in one of our heavily used conference rooms 8 years ago and it still looks as good as when it was first installed. PSI Wall Systems is an excellent product which will serve you well for years to come.”
– Randy Salsman, Senior Construction Project Manager, Facilities Maintenance, University of North Texas

“The Hermosa Church of Christ building committee chose to utilize the PSI wall panels in our most high visibility areas.  We desired to have aesthetically appealing features for our Welcome Desk and Coffee Area in our spacious lobby, along with the area surrounding the platform in the Worship Area.   After considering various types of natural woods, we realized that the very best option was the PSI wall panels.  The choices of colors, wood grains and panel sizing options gave us numerous design opportunities to accomplish with Halo Architects our desired visual effects.  The contemporary beauty of these wall panels is evident as the viewer sees the tasteful arrangement of colors and panel designs.  From a practical standpoint, the installation was completed in a very timely and professional manner.  We have been in our new facilities for three years and it’s obvious to us that we have chosen well with this durable and beautiful product.”
– Tommy Scroggin, Building Committee Member, Hermosa Church of Christ, Artesia, NM

“We used PSI Interior Wall panels on the inside of our recently constructed double gymnasiums. The panels are durable and do not show fingerprints or scuff marks, which will make them easy to maintain….and they look GREAT! We are very pleased with the color and pattern and overall look of the panels. They really add a touch of class to our gyms!”
– Denise Anderson, Bovina ISD Superintendent, Bovina, Texas

“I enjoyed working with the team at Panel Specialists, Inc. on my hospitality furniture project. The staff is very friendly, easy to work with, and they were very accommodating to our needs for customized products. The freestanding furniture, kitchen casework, and headboards provided were well built, attractive, durable, and functional; and should serve our guests well for many years to come. I would favorably consider using PSI again on a project in the future.”
– Raju Patel, Owner, Stratford House Inn

“PSI has a good product to begin with. The pride they have in their craftmanship is something you don’t see a lot of in this industry. If we pointed out the littlest nick or scratch, they would have it changed out, not questions asked.”
– Nick Conrad, Project Manager, Lott Bros.

“The interior wall panels that your company installed in our renovated campus are really beautiful and add a flair of professionalism and warmth to our building. The quality of the products and the craftsmanship of the installation exceeded our expectations. Also, the ease of cleaning and overall maintenance of your products are other added values that your company provided to us. Thank you for providing us with a world class product that will serve us well today and in the years to come.”
– Dr. Greg Winters, Superintendent / CEO, Canadian Valley Technology Center – El Reno, OK

“We recently used PSI wall panel systems for the first time last summer. Several of our residence halls are over 50 years old and it shows. We used the panel system to cover up the old walls in the entire lobby of Wall Gates. It completely transformed the lobby and it looks brand new! It is a very durable, easy to clean, cost effective wall treatment. I like that you can create your own designs by using different laminates and tack able surfaces. They sent out representatives to measure and help out with the logistics of this large renovation. The panels come pre-cut and numbered so the installation will go smoothly. They are also available for questions or situations that may arise. We appreciate your help and expertise!”
– Stephanie Laughlin, RID, IIDA, Sr. Project Interior Designer

“A PSI wall panel system plays dual purpose. It looks good, and it’s durable. The panels provide a space to present the kid’s hard work and personal achievements. It looks great during open house and parents’ night, and you can’t put a price on that. Even the kids feel better. You could tell they feel a lot better with the new panels in place throughout the school. PSI handled the entire project very professionally and you can count on PSI to get the job done in a tight timeframe.”
– David Hill, Director of Operations at Goliad Independent School District

“Just a note to thank you and PSI for making my job easier over the past many years. You all have helped make our projects look great! By providing the quality products that you supply, our projects sell themselves to current and future clients. I also appreciate you for keeping me up-to-date with the new products that PSI continually refines and adds to their diversification.”
– Stephen L. Butler, Architect, A+E Design Group, Inc.

“I was first introduced to PSI through a series of presentations and personal research. At the time, our firm was working on a local community center project that was in need of a cost effective and highly durable product in the corridors. We committed to trying PSI’s wall panel system on this project, and it turned out to be a great decision. PSI’s team made the entire design and installation process run smoothly; they helped take the design in my head and made it into a reality.

The great experience I had on that initial project motivated me to specify PSI’s products in subsequent projects. I’ve worked with PSI on a quick turn-around project at a local church’s children’s building. And recently, I specified PSI’s panel system for the headwalls in an emergency room facility. PSI has shown to have excellent solutions for a wide array of settings.

I have greatly enjoyed working with PSI. The quality of their products is outstanding, and the staff is incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. I highly recommend using PSI products whenever a project allows.”
– rbdr Architects PLLC

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank PSI for the many years of supporting Custom Ship Interiors through many of our past projects, by suppling a great product on time and of good quality.  It’s been a pleasure working with you and your predecessors in furnishing us with bulkhead panels and trim throughout the past decade.   Our customers do appreciate a good product with durability like your Thermax Panel Systems, once they see the finished product installed.”
– Dennis Houseman, Director of Operations, Custom Ship Interiors, Inc.

“Our panther wall looks great and we’ve had a lot of great comments about it. We are in basketball season now so the compliments have come from students, parents and community members both from our own school and from other visiting schools. We feel blessed that we were able to get this wall installed and that it is adding to our positive environment at Portland West Middle. Thanks again for your help and expertise!”
– Cam MacLean, Principal, Portland West Middle, Tennessee

“PSI was able to give us that deep red, Canadian Valley’s school color, in addition to a new gray color that reinforced the school’s technology focus. The colors matched the purpose of the building. PSI really opened up the door of possibilities.”
– Katie Byers, Director of Interior Design at MA+ Architecture

“The mHouse is a very high quality home with many exacting details. The art and the system match the quality and design intent perfectly. PSI’s contribution really made the art wall a complete success. Without the PSI Wall Panel System, the art would have never looked finished and quite frankly would have been nearly impossible to install. The interior designer wanted the entire wall covered in art, which meant that encasing extrusions, top and bottom were within 1/2 inch or less of the ceiling and floor. Keeping tolerances like that were only possible with PSI.”
– John Aufderhaar, Publisher of Surface & Panel Magazine and President of Bedford Falls Communications
Download the full mHouse Case Study here.

“The doctors, nurses and staff of Cogdell Memorial Hospital are pleased with the durability, consistency and touch of class provided by the wall accent panels produced by PSI. As architects, we recognize this to be an excellent product. The ease of installation has led to the continued use of PSI products well into our fourth construction phase at the hospital.”
– Richard Constancio, Project Architect, Shiver Megert & Associates

“We installed PSI wall panels throughout the circa 1949 school and it absolutely transformed the appearance! It looks like a brand new facility and the maintenance requirement is practically nonexistent.”
– Greg Lewis, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Dumas Independent School District

“PSI was not just a subcontractor; they were partners who helped out in a difficult situation. PSI’s quality was outstanding. When they put something in, it was right the first time.”
– Matt Jones, Operations Director Balfour Beatty Construction

“The Killeen ISD Career Center has PSI wall paneling throughout the building. Three years later it still looks new with very little upkeep – very impressive for a high school campus. The panels look beautiful, hold up very well, and are easy to keep clean. These panels keep our hallways and building looking as new as the day we opened. I have been very pleased with this product and the employees of PSI. Great Job!!”
– Alison C. Belliveau, CTE District Coordinator

“Through the array of colors, patterns, designs and the ability to superimpose photography and pictures into the laminated surfaces, PSI paneling is so much more than a durable, cost-effective wall solution, it is art! Good advertising brought us to PSI Panel Systems, the people behind PSI have kept us coming back. PSI is not only interested in providing a good product, it is obsessed with providing quality people to produce, install, and support the product.”
– Dr. Robin Battershell, Superintendent of Schools, Temple ISD
Download the full Temple ISD Case Study here.

“Seminole ISD has completed several construction projects using a plastic laminate faced wall panel system from PSI. Not only did PSI supply the construction materials, their installers were professional and courteous throughout the project. We were extremely happy to have PSI panels specified for our construction project. These panels are very durable and will stand up to the day-to-day abuse that students bring to the table. The PSI panels are easy to clean and maintain by our custodial staff as well. Once the jobs were done, it was evident that PSI was a wise choice for Seminole ISD.”
– Jesse Greenfield, Director of Operations, Seminole ISD

“On behalf of the jobsite team and the staff at Kitchell Contractors, I would like to commend your firm on the outstanding performance demonstrated at the Scott & White 1700 Clinic Renovation at College Station. Your ability to manage the scope of work and your commitment to quality has made a significant contribution to the success of the project. We appreciate the opportunity to work with a company who makes a conscientious effort to ensure quality workmanship and exhibit safe jobsite practices at all times. It is our position that your performance was ‘above and beyond’ the requirements.”
– Kristopher G. Kopack, PE, Project Director, Kitchell

I saw a newly-developed PSI aluminum spline wall paneling system at a trade show, and immediately loved the look. PSI was extremely helpful to deal with during design. We went with an installer who was certified by PSI, and the installation came off flawlessly, even in a case where we applied the system to the face of a door. I am very happy with the appearance of the finished installation, and look forward to using this system again.
– Bruce Rose, Rose Design, Arlington, TX

“I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated the assistance PSI gave us in the installation process at our West Middle School and most certainly the memorials built for our two Ponca City 1960 Summer Olympics Wrestling Champions. The place of honor needed more than a painted concrete block back drop. Your wall panels were the ticket. It just happened that the laminate frame on the memory picture board was the exact color of the wall panels you provided to us.

We also had the chance to cover up places in our halls at West Middle School where lockers once were located. You helped us to mimic the wall colors to match the surrounding lockers with panels from PSI. These durable and attractive panels make an unfinished looking hall look wonderful! Many comments were made like; why did we not do this a long time ago, they look good.

Thank you for the assistance. The folks at PSI were more than just helpful, they were as friendly as someone with whom I have known for many years. Awesome is the word.”
– Bret Smith, Executive Director of Operations, Ponca City Public Schools

“PSI plastic laminate wall systems are an integral design element in the majority of our school projects. We have found the systems offer us durability and design flexibility. PSI’s technical department has teamed with us to expand the standard designs beyond their typical limits. Additionally, PSI has assisted in resolving installation questions for the product before it arrives at the jobsite. We’ve been excited to see PSI’s design options grow over the last few years, allowing us to add unique aesthetics to our projects for years to come.”
– Tonda Elliott, BGR Architects, Inc.

“I have worked with this company for years. Their Wall Panel Systems have stood the test of time. PSI continues to improve product and choices.”
– Tom Oehler – SHW Group, Austin,TX

“The company was easy to work with and completed the job in a timely manner. Any issues that popped-up along the way were handled immediately. They were very quick to satisfy all our requests. If this holds up as well as we think it will in a junior high environment, this will have been an extremely cost-efficient purchase.” – 2008

“My opinion of your product has not changed a bit since installation. Our walls still look brand new, without any scuffs, dents, or scratches. This is an amazing product and I would be proud to recommend it to anyone looking for a long-term investment in wall covering.” – 2014
– Paul Miller, Principal, H.G. Isbill Junior High, McGregor ISD

“In our business we have specialty contractors that sometimes will over commit themselves to project expectations and will under perform when it counts. This is NOT the case with PSI.  Our experience with PSI has always been positive from start to finish. We have found PSI to perform as they said they would, delivering a quality product, and being professional in their business approach.”
– Wayne Davis, Baird Williams Construction, LTD.

“They get you exactly what you want when you need it.”
– Sabian Santistevan, Design Concept Architects

“Loved working with the people and product.”
– Robert Dillard, Munday ISD

“PSI has been easy to work with both in the field and in the office.  Deliveries and installations were on time leading to a successful completion of their scope of work and the project in general.”
– Chris Harren, Austin Commercial, LP, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital