Each day we strive to leave the places we touch better than we found them, whether it’s an interior we’re helping to renovate or the environment around us. We realize every one of our decisions will have an impact economically, societally and environmentally.

Conflict Mineral Statement

Dedication to Being a Green Company

With this we strive to make the ripple effect of our actions be one that positively impacts future generations. We believe fundamentally that acting responsibly today is the only way to ensure a thriving tomorrow for our clients, stakeholders, our children and ourselves.  For us, our environmental certifications aren’t just a technicality, but a source of pride and responsibility we take to heart.

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint in our largest factory by 49.1% by converting the lighting system to energy-efficient bulbs. We also offer FSC certified, NAF (No Added Formaldehyde) wood composite core materials as standard in our wall panel system product line.

We embrace clients who fulfill their own green initiatives, and look to engage others with strategies that continue to reduce their carbon footprint and preserve the environment around us. We are members of the US Green Builders Council and are able to provide documentation to those seeking to build LEED certified projects.

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