Custom Wall Panels Make an Impact

Nothing makes a statement, conveys information or sets the mood like Custom High Pressure Laminates. They are an easy way to display art, informative graphics or photographic murals. PSI Custom Wall Panels can also convey a sense of architectural permanence not found in a temporarily hung sign. A brand and its message are not temporary, nor should they appear so.

These Custom Laminates are created just like High Pressure Laminates with an image layer embedded behind a protective melamine finish layer, so they offer the same resistance to abuse from impacts and scratches as High Pressure Laminates. This helps Custom Wall Panels exceed the performance of digital graphic vinyl wall coverings.

mhouse-photocreditCustom High Pressure Laminates can display:

  • Mascots, Logos and Brands
  • Historical photos
  • Timeline graphics
  • Signage and way finding

Download Artwork Requirements

Download our Case Study featuring our custom laminates in the Materialicious House (mHouse)

Custom laminates
Custom laminates
Custom laminates