At PSI, we understand that we are deeply connected to all things. We realize each of our business decisions affects society, the economy, and the natural environment. We strive to understand those effects in order to create better causes, to better ensure a future where our economy, our environment, and our society continue to support healthy families for countless generations to come. We are determined to meet the needs of our stakeholders in the present without compromising the ability to meet needs in the future.

Conflict Mineral Statement

A Green Company

PSI is continually seeking ways to reduce its carbon footprint. “We’re very concerned with our environment,” says Germany. The company has been compliant with many government mandates in addition to seeking its own certifications to establish PSI as a green company. “We are California Air Resources Board [CARB] phase 2 compliant, and are Forestry Stewardship Council [FSC] certified.”

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